Day 80, Fair Game

Practice: 3.5, Rehearsal: 2.  Note to self: Practice after a good long evening work out is…not the best idea.  Tonight I was physically and mentally exhausted for my last hour+ beyond the point of accomplishing anything other than grunt-work.

I’m happy to be back at CSUF.  I’m getting to play lots of new and different music, take lessons with an interesting and imaginative teacher, and, except for the talent pool not being quite as dense, it’s not altogether unlike being at Aspen.  There are a few key differences (some in the “not as cool as Aspen” category).  One thing that occurred to me in last night’s studio class is that here, very few topics are “too amateur” to discuss.  I think at high-level environments people can be too shy or intimidated to ask questions about part of the process of becoming a better musician, such as “how do you practice XYZ?” or simply “How do you practice?”  Questions like these are welcome and encouraged at CSUF and I think to the great benefit of all players at all levels.


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