Day 77

Practice: 4.  Woot.

  • Practice is most efficient (and I can more easily accomplish longer stretches) if I think of it as task-oriented rather than time-oriented – this helps break down mental barriers such as “2 hours is a long time to practice.”
  • As a continuation of yesterday’s thought about treating myself with as much kindness as I would treat a young student (not forcing them to play something again and again if they’re clearly unhappy and not improving), There’s a big difference between hiding from an excerpt (playing it once, hating it, not playing it again for a few days) and deciding to come back to it.  The big differentiator for me is recording the “best” take I can get out of it at the time, and marking it for later review.  Today I listened to an excerpt that I felt stuck on yesterday and the solution was much clearer to me with fresh ears.
  • The biggest one today: Imagining the ideal sound before making a sound, using that as a template.  See also, entries in this blog: Karate Kid.  “Imagine the perfect bonsai tree.  Then begin cutting.”  This idea is mentioned briefly in an interview from Callas: Life and Art.

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