Day 76

Practice: 3

Not much time to blog right now, but here’s a quick and dirty list of thoughts I jotted down during the day:

  • Don’t play instrument, play the melody
  • Perceived levels- throat tones are closer to ears than long tube notes, therefore appear to be “louder.”  Double check with a recording device to be sure you aren’t short-changing those notes in terms of volume and clarity.
  • Higher back of tongue sets up more efficient tip of tongue position for articulation
  • Listen to yourself like a student “I’m bored, I’m frustrated”. Would you force a student to keep playing and being frustrated?  Acknowledging that I’m feeling bored or frustrated with an excerpt and deciding to come back to it later in the day dramatically helps my endurance.
  • When I tried reducing some of the needless effort I was using to play the clarinet the other day, it “felt like cheating.” Why?  How hard should it be to play the clarinet?  Listen, don’t feel.

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