Day 74, Inexpressive Tools

Practice: 3, Lessons: 1.  My day was slightly off-set at the beginning due to even more car problems.  I was going to wait until Friday morning to take my car in, but was starting to smell burning rubber every time I drove it, and the check engine light came on, so I did what I thought was safest.  The shop is waiting on a part before they can do all the work, but hopefully I’ll get it back sometime today.  Yesterday Mike was kind enough to lend me his car so I could get down to Fullerton.

I had a fantastic first lesson with Håkan.  Points emphasized: Practice slow, not to become more aware of finger timing, but to zoom in on the way the air is used.  There should never be any unconscious, not-motivated-by-music usages of the air.

While I was doing that later in the day, I became aware that I was unconsciously using my embouchure expressively.  If the music was soft or in a very non-resistant register, I would loosen my embouchure because I didn’t strictly need the same kind of strength in order to get an acceptable sound.  This is counter-productive.  The embouchure is not an expressive tool- if anything, altering it based on whether I absolutely need it to be strong, only makes my playing less flexible.  Becoming aware of this is definitely a move forward.


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