Days 71, 72: Clarinet safety in extreme weather & Golf

It’s been an exciting two days off.  I took a 10 hour drive from Aspen to Las Vegas, generally uneventful except for the detour I took to Zion National Park which was gorgeous.  On the second day of travel, my air conditioning stopped working.  At the time I was about 100 miles south of Vegas, right in the middle of the 107 degree desert.  Mike and I took the car to a shop in Barstow where they told me the awful news: my air compressor is busted.  So, we bought a few bags of ice to put in the trunk, wrapped the clarinets in garbage bags, set them on top of the ice, and hoped for the best.  They seemed to have been ok, though I haven’t had a chance yet to play them.  Of course, I have an audition tomorrow!  For school.  I guess tomorrow everything will become clear.

While my air conditioning was still functional and thus I was able to drive with the windows up, I randomly found a podcast called “Golf Mind Play.”  If you’ve ever read The Inner Game of Tennis, it’s a lot like that except for golf.  The narrator discusses mental aspects of the game of golf in short 4-5 minute installments.  They’re great little nuggets of wisdom.  One for example was “A bad attitude is worse than a bad stroke.”  Too true!  Just replace “stroke” with “note.”  I’ve only listened to three episodes so far but I highly recommend this podcast.

The next few days are going to be a whirlwind of registering for classes, auditioning for ensembles, taking my car into the shop for like the fourth time this month, getting my glasses fixed (been broken for weeks), and oh yeah, practicing!  Strangely I think if I get my practice in and make that my top priority, all these other things will seem much easier.  Assuming my car doesn’t break down. ;-)


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