Day 73, Changing Gears

Practice: 4, Auditions: 1. After two complete days off (not entirely by choice), being able to practice for four hours today felt like having a shower for the first time in days.  The only transition I’ve had between Aspen and my second year at CSUF was the drive.  Everything else has been like jumping into a cold swimming pool.  This place is a completely different world: different teacher, different friends, different part of the country, different everything.  My practice becomes the most familiar thing to me, with everything around it changing.  I remember the same feeling when I first moved in to my condo in Aspen.  But already in the first day I’ve returned, even though I didn’t have any classes today I’ve had a chance to connect to some of the many wonderful people at this school, and I remember that this is place is also home.  I’m looking forward to all the extra time I’ll be spending there.

Even though my reeds feel like they’re all upside down and backwards, I’m definitely liking the feeling of having lived at 8,000 feet for 8 weeks.  For the next few days I’ll be able to play things with half the amount of air I normally need!  I’m going to promptly start swimming to see how long I can draw out this feeling.


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