Day 70, The end of Aspen

Practice: 1 hour? Dress rehearsal: 2 hours, Concert: 2.5 hours.  Today was the final concert of the Aspen Music Festival.  Practice was scarce in the morning, had to get to the tent early due to a race scheduled in town that would potentially hold up traffic.  Mainly I made the decision not to practice any Bb because the way I play Eb is so different that I didn’t want to mess up my mojo on the same day as a concert in which I was only playing Eb.  And of course the only thing I had left to practice on Eb was Mahler.  It was a uniquely challenging part- almost all of the entrances are solis and occur after several minutes of rest.  Most of them were pianissmo altissimo octaves with one other woodwind.  I enjoyed working on it.

And that’s it for Aspen!  I’ll hit the road tomorrow around 7am, putting me in Las Vegas hopefully around 5pm.  Needless to say I’m taking tomorrow off. :)


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