Day 67

Practice: 3 and change, Rehearsal: 3, Concert: 2.75. I got pretty close to my limit this afternoon during an abortive attempt to get another hour in. Right forearm/wrist was complaining, so I didn’t push it.

Mahler 2nd symphony by day, West Side Story by night. Both are such different experiences. One is a 30+ person pit orchestra in an intimate space, providing accompaniment to song and dialog. The other is a sprawling 150+ person orchestra filled with prestigious faculty and students in a gigantic tent concert hall. The mindset I get into for playing solo lines in each is…different, to say the least! It’s good that they happen at either end of the day, gives me time to change gears. I’m so fortunate to be surrounded by such great music all day long. The show tonight went especially well, and I’m pretty sure I can attribute it to my renewed amount of practicing.


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