Day 66

Practice: 4, Lessons: 1.  Despite a 9:30am lesson and a 2pm mock audition, I got all my hours in.  The mock audition was not a very good use of my time.  I got out of it what I put into it: next to nothing.  At least now I’m free to head directly towards the auditions and thus excerpts that are most relevant to me.

I think today I figured out another part of why the past two weeks have been a slump in my playing.  In addition to not practicing enough (I had been giving myself credit for “practice” by considering copious amounts of rehearsal to be worth at least some practice. That was a mistake.), I’ve been playing a lot more Eb clarinet.  Either because of my reeds or particular mouthpiece, the embouchure I gravitate towards on that instrument is much looser in every way: lips, jaw, even tongue position.  This helps intonation on the Eb.  But transferring ANY (and in my case, MOST) of these traits to the Bb clarinet = the undesirable sound I’m now trying to dig myself out of.  This is a more concrete thing than just “I wasn’t practicing enough.” They’re really two sides of the same coin.


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