Day 64

On what was supposed to be my first day of the Power Week, I only managed to get half an hour of practice.  Today’s schedule was a comedy of errors.  My alarm didn’t go off (I tried to set some fancy repeating-setting on my phone alarm), I ended up needing to spend five hours taking care of my car (needed a tune up, and the only reliable shop is a 40 minute drive), the crock pot that I had filled with tonight’s dinner for a couple of friends never turned on…because it wasn’t plugged in!  I snuck in 30 minutes of practice before taking a short break to chop potatos and do other dinner-prep things.  Like the auto-errand, I underestimated the prep-time needed for dinner, too, and ended up preparing everything right up until 6 when people arrived.  The rest of my night was accounted for with dinner and a gathering that I had set up days in advanced (there was no way to cancel without also being a giant jerk.)  And there went Monday!  The moral of the story is: don’t just put stuff on the calendar, put them on the calendar WITH a reasonable estimate of the time needed.  Not an extremely optimistic estimate of the time I want to spend doing it.  :) Here’s to tomorrow!


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