Day 61

Practice: 0, Rehearsal: 1, Concerts played: 1.  A sort of attempted day off, but a concert that I was satisfied with.  Three hours were spent watching the piano dress rehearsal of West Side Story.  Most of it was technical things (scene changes, etc.) but in the last hour they ran the show (at least an hour of it) and was pretty cool to see all of the wild choreography that’s been put into it.  Shortly after that I played a concert that contained an arrangement of West Side Story for violin (Sarah Chang) and orchestra.  Once again I was responsible for the beginning of the Cha-Cha, this time on bass clarinet (the instrument used in the film version of the musical, but not the musical version of the musical), but fortunately in the same key.  The arrangement itself was of pretty poor quality, both in craftsmanship and in editing.  I look forward to washing away the memory with the next true West Side Story rehearsal, tomorrow night!  This will be the first dress rehearsal but it’s open to the public (i.e. all my friends) so I’m considering it to be the first performance.


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