Day 55, Retention

Practice: 1.5 (tbh), Rehearsal: 4.5.  One of the plus sides of today’s mostly non-practice was that I listened to an hour and a half of recent lessons and transcribed my notes.  This I think has been one of the biggest contributors to my growth this summer: writing. it. down.  Recording the lesson in and of itself is useless.  Listening to the recording affords me a second pass at everything I learned there- that alone helps me recall 1/3 of the total material that I had forgotten in the days since the lesson.  But by taking notes, I get everything!  And emphasizing different aspects of the lesson with different colors or thicknesses of pen (yay iPad with a stylus) makes it super easy to see what was really important, later on.  For a week or two I can remember the “break through” moments but by writing it down (specifically reforming the idea in a short-hand version) I’m guaranteed to never lose it.


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