Day 53, “Do as much as you can”

Practice: 2, Rehearsal: 1.5, Tower of Power concerts: 1.  I think two consecutive 6+ hour days were kinda wearing on me; today I felt like 1/3 of my brain was MIA.  My parents arrived in Aspen this evening and we went out for dinner.  I’m still trying to stick to the “prioritize the next performance” maxim, and I am, but I’m still not making enough time to work on other stuff.  This is what needs to be happening during the second two hours of practice, the ones I haven’t been getting to for the last few days.  Tomorrow is looking a little more like it will happen, provided I don’t blow my chops or concentration for the 6pm concert.

Yesterday in the masterclass with Greg Williams (Eb in Minnesota) and today during my shift in the parking crew when I got the opportunity to chat with Larry Rachleff, both emphasized how important it is to play as much as you can.  In the context of asking what kind of advice they would give for people about my age, this is what they said mattered most.  Do more.  Say yes to everything.  Play play play.  Think I’m going to add this to my mantra.


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