Day 52, “Your Next Audition”

Practice: 2 hours, Rehearsal: 4 hours, Clarinet class: 2 hours of mostly observing, but I also played.  Berlioz in the morning, Bernstein in the evening and in between a good clarinet masterclass guest-taught by Greg Williams, 2nd and Eb in the Minnesota Orchestra.  He gave some great tips, was very kind and is a knock-out on the Eb clarinet.  An enlightening class all-around.

No big revelations today except that I need to figure out how to get my practice back up to 3 hours again, rehearsals or not, because all I’m really doing right now is working on the stuff I’m rehearsing and not my longer-term goals.  A friend briefly mentioned in class today that an acclaimed clarinet teacher, Richie Hawley, had posted some thoughts on the audition process on his webpage.  Here it is: terrific blog entry about preparing for auditions, by Richie Hawley: Your Next Audition.


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