Day 51, Priorities

Practice: 2 and change, Rehersal: 4.5! Lessons: 1 (hour).  Given how full my day was, I feel pretty great.  Rehearsal with Chamber Symphony began this morning and in the evening was the first rehearsal for West Side Story.  This musical holds a special place in my heart- it was one of the first musical *things* I became obsessed with, even before I knew why.  We had this VHS of West Side Story inexplicably lying around our house and I would watch it once every few months, never having seen a musical before, not even knowing it was a “musical” just this weird movie with tons of music in it.  Of course like everybody else I went on to play umpteen arrangements of the music for band and orchestra.  And now finally playing the real deal, after having listened to the music for years and years!  It’s kind of like when I got to play Beethoven 9, except a lot more awesome.  I love every note of this show.

One thing that occurred to me a few days ago is that right now my folder is bursting with tons of different parts, excerpts, audition lists, and chamber music.  Two years ago I learned in AACA (the hard way) that the only way to deal with it is to prioritize the music that’s going to be performed soonest.  This meant I had to keep my paws off my WSS part for like almost a week between the time I got it and when I didn’t have more pressing music that needed the time.  But I’m glad I did.  And now I still have more time for it, with the joy of knowing I put all the time I could into the recent performances I had (which totally paid off) and will do the same again for the next one.


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