Day 35, Reflecting

Practice: 4 hours (yay!), Rehearsal: 1.5, Lessons listened to: 1.  I got up early so that I could start my practice (at a location away from my condo) by 8am.  It was a great decision because I just barely had enough steam to get to four hours by the evening.  In between practice and rehearsals I had three hours of work (where I sit under a tent near a parking lot and spend most of my time minding my own business with occasional confrontations with irascible self-entitled concert-goers who think they’re above common decency.  But I digress.  :)  Working as part of the parking crew gives me time to listen back to recordings I’ve made of my lessons and take notes.  All three times I’ve done this so far, the prospect seems like a boring chore, but all three times afterwards I’ve discovered that there’s usually 1/3 or 1/2 of the lesson that I just didn’t absorb at the time.  Listening back gives me an opportunity to catch the things that fell between the cracks, commit them to paper, and relive that wonderful post-lesson state of mind where I feel especially ready to confront challenges in my playing.

Another thing I’ve been doing is just reviewing this blog.  A lot of things I’ve written about so far have been, for me, end-of-day discoveries, things that I worked to learn, or that weren’t immediately obvious to me.  Taking 10 minutes to review all of these has definitely helped.  If you don’t already, try keeping a work-journal.


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