Day 24, Action / Reaction

Practice-wise today was a day of rest. Had an hour and a half of dress rehersal, two hours of class and a concert. Taking the time off was the right thing to do- I felt like I had all the energy and good reeds I needed for the concert. I was happy with it.

Small observation today in studio class, watching a friend do a thing that I do but didn’t realize until I saw someone else doing it- reacting to initial sound as if I’m waiting for permission from the clarinet/reed and then doing the right stuff with my air. This happens most often with entrances or leaps to altissimo notes. The result is a kind of hesitancy. And one solution is to be resolved in my mind about what kind of entrance / leap / whatever I want to make, and have such a vivid “image” of that in my mind that nothing else could possibly come out. The other reason for hesitancy besides not having already decided what I want is that I just don’t trust my set up. That’s an entirely different topic but I’ll refer back to yesterday’s observations: first start with what you’re comfortable doing with your body to play the instrument, then pick a set up that fits within that scheme. For me that creates the strongest kind of trust in my set up.


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