Day 22, Motion

About two hours of practice, an hour rehearsal and an hour concert. Still under where I want to be but thing are just getting dense. Many rehearsals, concerts and classes all scheduled for the same day. The next step to get back to four hours involves working (as in making money) less and / or doing longer practices with fewer / shorter breaks. Both are very possible.

Today I thought mostly about music and motion. This is a reoccurring theme for me but lately its been coming back more often. There was a piece on our concert tonight inspired by mobiles, moving statues. The idea of rotating shapes that in collaboration create entirely new formations translated so well to music. Sort of tangentially I remembered how great it is to listen to a favorite album while looking out a window on a moving train. The speed makes the music feel like it’s happening instead of just sitting there. Maybe this is my own little quirk rather than some grand revelation about all music everywhere but conceptualizing music in terms of speed and motion parallax makes the most sense to me and the imaginary movies I make when listening to good music.

Motion parallax


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