Day 20, Making the most of it

Individual practice: 2.5 hours.  Rehearsals: 4.5 hours.  I saw this coming early in the day so in order to feel like I had invested an extra 1.5 hours of practice I changed my approach in the final rehearsal of the day.  It’s just 4th of July Band.  Pretty low-pressure stuff.  So why not play most of the rehearsal double lip?  Why not try sight-reading the crap out of it?  Earlier in this blog I noticed that I should really make a habit out of sight reading more frequently.  I feel like I made the most out of what could have been just an agonizingly boring band rehearsal and so even though I didn’t log four hours on my own I feel good about the work I did today.  My embouchure is GONE but I’m sure it’ll be back tomorrow, just a tiny bit stronger.  At this point in the game it’s not really about the physical traits of being on top of my game.  I have those.  The next level is to economize.  Work smarter, not harder.


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