Day 19, Outside perspectives

This is going to be a short one. I spilled a little water on my laptop and to be safe am keeping it powered off for a few days. I didn’t quite make it to four today, unless you count the hour lesson and hour+ orchestra rehearsal? I dont. But the lesson I had this morning was really excellent. It’s the kind of lesson I should always strive for- everything discussed in the lesson was not something obvious to me. Nothing was like “well I know exactly why I’m not satisfied with THAT!”. Everything mentioned was a fresh observation. And my level of readiness made that possible. Notes, intonation…not things we discussed. Color? Nuances of rhythm? Meaning? Yes. It was terrific playing for a teacher I know so well, and who knows me well. I sometimes talk about the benefits of a recording device like “getting a free lesson.” But everything we talked about today was stuff I couldnt just hear in my headphones. These things hadn’t even occured to me. Now they do. Good lessons are good.


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