Day 16, Rest

I looked at my calendar (which has been losing free space by the hour) and decided that if I was gonna take a chunk of time off, today was going to be my only chance until next Monday.  Orchestra assignments are posted for weeks one and two, class assignments have been made (woohoo I got into the Alexander Technique class again!), lessons have been scheduled, quintets formed (Barber – Summer Music), work shifts doled out… And on top of all of this, I’m in a book club!  We had our first meeting last night, it was splendid.  If after all this I have any time at all to go on hikes, it’ll be a miracle.

I played for about an hour and a half this afternoon and it was a struggle.  I worked a four hour shift this morning with about three of those hours spent in direct sunlight.  I got burnt and have felt kind of drained ever since.  Much was accomplished in the way of errands but I clearly needed some time away from the clarinet. I was tired physically and creatively I’ve been retracing the same ground for a few days.  By taking tonight off I’ll feel more rejuvenated for the next seven days I’m sure and definitely after my first lesson with Joaquin.  I have a lot of material ready for an outside opinion.  That’s another cool side-effect of this four hours a day thing:  I’m pretty much always ready for lessons!

No big practicing ideas today.  Sunburn is bad, occasional days of rest are good.


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