Day 15, Making the time

It feels so awesome to have practiced four hours.  Not only because it’s my goal for this summer but because the positive effects are compounding.  The more I play, the easier it is to play.  The longer I play, the easier it is to play longer.  A few weeks ago I couldn’t imagine mentally and physically how it would feel to go from lame to awesome (1.5 hours to 4) but now I’m at a point where I could see what it might be like to practice for 5 or 6 hours a day.  I’m not there yet, but I could see it. :)

We got our assignments today (woohoo, Don Juan and an Elgar arrangement of a Bach fantasia and fugue) as well as work shifts, so the next week has been filled pretty much top to bottom.  There are brief windows in which I can get a meal and then practice or vice versa, but not a lot of wiggle room if I’m going to maintain my goal.  I’m kind of excited about being so busy- I tend to get more done when I have more to do.

I didn’t have any profoundly original thoughts on practicing today other than working with past observations (they’re all still working) so I’m just going to link to an article which is a transcription of a podcast I listen to sometimes.  It’s about how to create a better to-do list.  When to make it, how to prioritize the things in it, and how to use it after it’s made.  Get It Done Guy’s “How to Create a Better To-Do List.” 




2 thoughts on “Day 15, Making the time

  1. Eleanor. . .you are motivating me to practice more with this blog! I have read it every single day since you posted. :)

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