Day 11, Endurance

The good news is that I made it back up to four hours today, the bad news is that it was SUCH a chore.  I seriously need to re-evaluate the way I’m dividing up my practice.  To be fair I’m probably still adjusting to the altitude and so my endurance is down, but still.  I think I’m trying to force everything to get done in three sittings or less.  Then when it doesn’t work I do an extra fourth practice that totally feels “out of my way” and forced, because, well, it is!  I think the answer is to front-load my day and only leave an hour of work to do in the evening, with at least two hours of space before it.  Eventually I’ll find a rhythm that works, first I have to sort through the ones that don’t.

Another aspect of endurance that I figured out today at the end of my practice was this:  I’ve been SLAMMING the same excerpts day after day for more than 11 days now and this is definitely boring me.  No matter how much I tell myself that it’s the most important thing to be practicing right now, the fact that it’s the ONLY thing I’m practicing is tiring, creatively.  I figured this out at the very end of the day when I pulled out some Bach and just had a ball.  It’s past time that I add solo repertoire back into my practice.  Things I brought with me:  Bartok Contrasts (chamber rep), Lutoslawski Dance Preludes, Denisov Solo piece, Francaix Theme and Variations, Copland Concerto, and assorted Bach transcriptions.  This audition is on Saturday, another on Sunday, and then I think it’s time for some Bartok.  And Copland.  And Mozart.  With lots of Bach in between.  I predict tomorrow’s practice will be a lot more fun. :)


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