Day 8, Perception of Time

Only got in two and a half today.  Today’s my last day in town before I leave for Aspen- lots to take care of.  Last two lessons with two of my students, car maintenance, apartment cleaning (for my sub-letter) and a quick hang with a friend.  I wanted to take today completely off but thought I should save that opportunity for Wednesday when I’ll be arriving at Aspen and will need to spend a lot of time getting settled.

Thoughts today while practicing revolved around the idea of time:

  • When setting a goal for my practice, things go much more quickly if I think in a way that’s task oriented rather than time oriented.  Thinking “practice excerpts for 30 minutes” is a lot less inspiring than “work on Firebird.”
  • On the micro level, thinking of the “order” in which certain operations occur has been extremely useful.  As mentioned yesterday, the tongue tends to be faster than the fingers.  Sometimes the fingers tend to be faster than the air.  This little graph is something I made on a break a few days ago and helps remind me of what goes where.  The bottom graph makes more sense as a graph but the top version is how I think of it, visually.
  • A last thought on time.  Don’t practice things slow, practice them in slow motion.

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