The Plan

I was nosing around facebook this afternoon and came across a link that led to a blog a colleague had started. This blog was a short-term experiment to log 500 hours of practice for the whole summer. I think it’s such a great idea that I’m starting my own. I have a pretty good track record for specific, time-limited projects. Last November I completed a 7-pictures-for-7-days photo project that spanned one year. A three-month, highly focused blog should be well within my ability.

The Plan:

  1. Practice at least four hours every day from now until September 1st, with an optional one day per week for rest.  On days when I have performance(s) I will scale back in order to save my strength if I need to (i.e. long / taxing pieces of music).
  2. Update this blog at least every two or three days with my thoughts on practicing and discoveries I’ve made.  The goal is to write something insightful that I might want to remember later (without having to retrace my footsteps in the practice room).

Defining terms:

  • Practicing is: playing my instruments or the time it takes to listen to a short recording I’ve made of myself playing.  Because I’ll be participating in a rigorous music festival this summer I’ll include performances as practice, though it’s not really the same as being in a laboratory environment where you can experiment.
  • Practicing is not: Listening to music, studying scores, being on a computer or phone, taking a break longer than a few minutes, taking a lesson, or listening to others perform in a masterclass.

Wish me luck!  I picked 4 hours because it’s a bit outside of my comfort zone but it’s also a reasonable amount of time to get focused work done.  I believe that if you are truly focused on what you’re doing, 4 hours should be plenty.


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